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  • Please WAIT! Then SCROLL DOWN for Fourpeaks BASE CAMP in the AuSable River Valley     [ Are you in this picture? ]
    Fourpeaks Base Camp Cozy rooms with running water and Inside flush toilets. The Fourpeaks
    Our Fourpeaks backcountry cabins just too rustic for you? Not to worry! You can stay at any number of attractive vacation places nearby in our scenic AuSable River Valley--with all modern amenities. It's our Fourpeaks Base Camp!  CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)  How we got here. A Love Story.    Visit Jay on the AuSable River.    While you're visiting, get our Fourpeaks Day Pass.    Looking for a quiet, private place, with essential amenities, at a budget price? Phone my friend Pat at her
    Black Brook Cabin.   Need a place in a hurry? Small and friendly, The Ark Trail Inn is our idea of a perfectly sweet motel.   Now you're ready for an upscale cabin/cottage with super amenities? Book yourself at the Red Spruce Lodge.   Must have the very tops in modern amenities? An Adirondack ultra totally equipped palacio? You'll love the River's Edge Loj.  
    The Cabin, One of 6 Backcountry Camps with Authentic Adirondack Furnishings at Fourpeaks in Jay NY. We Love It Here in Jay N.Y., the Heart of the Adirondacks! A Love Story.
    We're in love. It all started in 1968 with just "The Cabin" and 90 acres for weekend getaways from work in New York City. Today, 40 years, six more camps and 600 acres later, we're renting our places for others to enjoy--our retirement business-- offering outdoor vacations in authentic Adirondack settings. We're in love (with where we live) and we want others to experience High Peaks open space and scenic beauty (as much as possible)--even if you can't stay with us this time!   [MORE ABOUT The Fourpeaks story.  How we found "The Cabin."]

    CLICK HERE for The 'ole swimmin' hole. Covered Bridge in background. Hike/Walk/Ski our Private Trails & Beauty Spots. CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Mountain Scenery.Swim/Float/Fish the beautiful AuSable River. CLICK HERE for the AuSable River trail.Visit Jay on the AuSable. Want to get away from the crowds and tourist junk in Lake Placid? If we can't find something for you here at Fourpeaks, we hope you'll stay someplace else nearby. You can still enjoy our AuSable River valley open space and scenic beauty. Here on the East Branch of the AuSable in the scenic hamlets of Jay and Upper Jay, just on the other side of the mountain, things are much quieter and more relaxed than in Lake Placid and the busy tourist developments immediately around the Olympic complex. CLICK HERE and Visit Jay NY 12941.)

    The Fourpeaks Base Camp. Our selection of the best Alternate Accommodations right in our neighborhood. We've handpicked them for your vacation pleasure--cabins, cottages, lodges, plus a few fancy vacation homes with real jacuzzis and more. Here's a place for every sort of interest and pocketbook. Places to fit even the teeniest budget. All modern amenities. inside flush toilets, of course. Many with big-screen TV. And they're not all secluded away (stuck out in the woods) like our Fourpeaks backcountry camps. No hassle getting to--many of them are right on the main road. Often these places are built close enough together, you'll get to meet lots of friendly folks right next door. The kids will alway have someone to play with. Tell 'em we sent you. Thanks.
    Place Name Location Rate/Day Number of Units Phone Notes
    More About.
    Kitchen Fireplace Dog-friendly? Amenities
    Black Brook Cabin Black Brook $650/week
    $300/long weekend
    1 518/647-8476
    2-bedroom cabin on scenic Black Brook LISTING ID: VR6902
    Yes Yes Yes H/C running water, inside flush toilets, shower, full kitchen.
    Ark Trail Inn Upper Jay $50 12 518/946-2276 Attractive motel on the AuSable River. Meals available. CLICK for photos. No No Yes H/C running water, inside flush toilets, TV.
    Brookside Motor Inn Upper Jay $80 10 518/946-8369 2 BR housekeeping suites on river. Yes No Yes H/C running water, inside flush toilets, full kitchen, TV.
    Holiday Lodge Wilmington $49-129 30 518/946-2251 Best full service hotel in the area. No No Yes H/C running water, inside flush toilets, TV.
    Huntington Motel & Cottages Wilmington near Whieface Mt $65 13 518/946-2332 Neat cottages. Clean motel. Closed winter. Yes No Yes H/C running water, inside flush toilets, TV.
    Book and Blanket B&B Main Street, Jay $90 5 518/946-8323 Beautiful old home. Fun hosts with dog. No Yes No H/C running water, inside flush toilets, TV.
    Red Spruce Lodge Jay $200 & up One 610 746-1812
    A private vacation home in a secluded development. Yes No No H/C running water, inside flush toilets, full kitchen, big screen TV.
    River's Edge Loj Jay $250 & up One 609 377-9113
    A private vacation home in a secluded development. Yes Yes No H/C running water, inside flush toilets, full kitchen, big screen TV.
    Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps On the edge of the Jay Wilderness. $90-200 7 518/524-6726 Quiet cabins in secluded natural settings, a high degree of privacy. Yes Yes Yes No running water, no inside toilets (outhouse), no TV, full kitchens.

    Fourpeaks Day-use Pass. Fourpeaks Day-use Pass.  Come up, hike around and enjoy the natural beauty at the end of the road! For guests staying at one of the  Nearby Places  listed here in the Jay area, Fourpeaks day-use privileges can be obtained for a wide range of outdoor activities. Hike/ski our Private Trails & Beauty Spots. Picnic at our quiet mountain brook. Swim/float/fish the nearby AuSable River. Backcountry camp day use may also be arranged, subject to availability. Day-use Passes are good for one or more days, for parties of from one to six persons, and cost from $25 to $125, depending on number of persons and number of days. A detailed map, complete trail notes and personally guided overview included. Interested? Email  Martin, "Your Adirondack Guide".  Tell me where and when you're staying, the number of persons, number of days, and for what activities you'd like a Fourpeaks Day-use Pass.  [NOTE: Outdoor fires are NOT permitted. Unauthorized trespassing on Fourpeaks private property is strictly forbidden and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.]

    My Friend Pat's Black Brook Cabin
    Cute cabin in the woods. Very private and relaxing. Riverfront, with fishing on site. Great walking trails all around the area, with many scenic views. Only about six miles from Whiteface Mountain. Nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle, with no interference from televisions and computers!
    $650/week, $300/long weekend. Phone Pat 518/647-8476 Email
    [Click on Photo for Full Size]

    Dining room, wood stove . . .
    . . . full kitchen.
    Natural setting in woods by brook.
    Master bedroom.
    Queen size bed.
    Bedroom. 2 twin beds.

    Gaby, your hostess at The Ark Trail Inn The Ark Trail Inn.  Nine pleasant, motel-style rooms in Upper Jay on Route 9N by the scenic AuSable River, only 2 miles from Fourpeaks. From $55/day, attractively decorated and fun, with breakfast option by "Gaby" in the homey sitting/dining room with plants and flowers. And a stay at The Ark Trail Inn can include full Fourpeaks day use privileges--brookside picnicking, camping, private hiking and river swimming in the beautiful AuSable. CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Day Use fees and conditions. [A stay at The Ark Trail Inn may be booked with "Gaby" Todte (manager) at 518-946-2276. Tell her we sent you.]
    [Click on Photo for Full Size]
    The Ark Trail Inn
    Attractive rooms
    A place to stay in pines and fresh air
    Homey and fun
    Running water, Inside flush toilets.
    The Ark on the River Edge
    Gaby, your accomplished hostess
    Friendly sitting room
    Breakfast served by arrangement
    Running water, Inside flush toilets.

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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