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    Kitchen, Old Barn. OLD BARN Full of rustic charm, with all the old boards showing, Old Barn is by the Chicken Coop, the Woodshed and the Stone House back door. CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)   Amenities Summary.  House Rules/Rental Terms.   Daughters of Utopia (A new novel about Fourpeaks.)   Meet Our Guests at Old Barn.   The Old Barn Story--How it go that way.   Have you got time for this?   More about Old Barn (on other pages).   Does Old Barn offer what you most value in an Adirondack Vacation? 

    Old Barn, Cow Bedroom Teddy bear beds, Old Barn. Fireplace (Vermont Castings Defiant), Old Barn Chicken bedroom, Old Barn Chicken bedroom, Old Barn Woodshed entrance, Old Barn Cortez twins and Adirondack rockers.
    [Click on Photo For Larger Size]
    Built a hundred years ago, with stalls for six cows, room for horses and equipment, a hayloft with bale hooks on a trolley and a milk shed with cooler, the "Old Barn" was the most adaptable structure on the Stone House Farm. (For location see Fourpeaks Property Map label [OB].)

    As a Guest Barn for visitors it makes a cozy accommodation with rustic charm--odd size windows, part rough barn boards, some original interior doors. Rough pine and concrete floors with oriental and rag rugs.
    Two bed rooms, two full baths (showers), complete kitchen, living area with extra beds, Non-smoking, Pets welcome, 1200 sq.ft. in all, max. 6 persons. Single or Double occupancy from $450/3days, $900/week. 10% Sales/Occupancy Tax applies to all rentals of less than one week duration. A Deposit Payment is required to secure reservation. Cancellation fees apply. See House Rules/Rental Terms for occupancy limitations and financial arrangements.)

    Fourpeaks is a smoke-free vacation place. No smoking is permitted in any of the Fourpeaks accommodations. See House Rules. Amenities Summary
    Bedrooms/beds: Two double beds (each in a private bedroom) and two single beds (in open living area). Blankets and pillows supplied. [CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about what to bring, including linens and towels.]
    Full Kitchen:  Sink with hot and cold water supply, full size cooking range with oven, 4 cubic foot refrigerator, dining service for 8 persons and a complete selection of utensils, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, including toaster and coffee makers (no dishwasher).
    Toilet: Two indoor flush toilets.
    Washroom/water/heating:  Automatic gas hot water heater. Two full baths with showers.
    Lighting: Electric lights overhead, table lamps.
    Fireplace/heating: Vermont Castings Defiant freestanding parlor stove (fireplace). Fully automatic Monitor K-1 space heater provides primary heat. Firewood supplied.
    Porches:  None. Private lawn area with Adirondack chairs.
    Additional:  Outside picnic table. Hammock. Charcoal barbeque grill.
    Miscellaneous: Dish soap, hand soap, Kleenex, paper towels, trash bags, candles, etc. all supplied. (No TV.)
    CLICK HERE for Complete Amenities Summary comparing all Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps & Guest Barns. for Complete Amenities Summary and Room Plans comparing sleeping
    and dining capacities for all Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps & Guest Barns.

    Fourpeaks offers lots more than just lodgings. CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Activities Home Page. Fourpeaks offers lots more than just lodgings. CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Activities Home Page. Fourpeaks offers lots more than just lodgings. Browse our 10 activity pages for walks with views on our 20 miles of private trails. River swimming, floating, fishing at our 1/4-mile on the AuSable River. And just R&R in our accessible wilderness. [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

    Cortez twins and Adirondack rockers. Meet Our Guests! The Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book. is a fun way to learn about our Adirondack backcountry and barn vacations. Who came. Where they're from. Where they stayed. The Season. What they did here. Guest Photos Photos. Letters and Guest Book entries. CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book pages. Find the Cortez twins playing by the Adirondack rockers at Old Barn. Claire and Andre's outdoor vacation, hiking and canoeing. And more.
    Doggy Guests.Vacationing with Your Dog   Just Two.Romantic Getaways   Kid Guests.Families with kids

    Please read our House Rules before you decide on a Fourpeaks rental. House Rules /Rental Terms. The buildings at Fourpeaks are spread out over a large property. To maintain an orderly, clean and safe place to live, the good will and cooperation of our guests is essential. Prospective visitors must familiarize themselves with arrival arrangements, fireplace safety, housekeeping responsibilities and other matters that will affect their safety and enjoyment at Fourpeaks.

    Short on time? Phone 800-373-8445 for help or CLICK HERE for Easy Inquiry Form! Short on time? Phone 800-373-8445 for help or CLICK HERE for Easy Inquiry Form! Short on time? Phone 800-373-8445 for help or CLICK HERE for Easy Inquiry Form! Have you got time for this? It takes time to learn about our authentic backcountry vacations. Fourpeaks award-winning website is over 300 pages with photos--40 megabytes of digital data. A virtual Adirondacks! If you like what you've learned so far, but you're short on time--Phone us toll-free 800-373-8445 for help or CLICK HERE for a Prompt Personal Information Response by Email (Easy Form). [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

    CLICK HERE for excerpts, synopsis, book review, ordering information and order form. Daughters of Utopia: A new novel that takes place at Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps.
    CLICK HERE to explore all eight Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps (Fireplace at The Cabin). CLICK HERE to explore all eight Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps (Kitchen at The Cabin). Author Moss Krupnick's fast-moving adventure story is about strong women, black belt karate, a Utopian nature retreat drawn from our Adirondack wilderness camps, and an insular Northcountry community very much like Jay NY. A fun way to learn about Fourpeaks from the perspective of a big-city visitor.
    CLICK HERE  for excerpts, synopsis, book review, author note, and ordering information.

    The Story. The Story.  A Building of Many Uses.
    It was a surprise in '73 when Dan let me know the Stone House was up for sale.
    The barn had electricity and running water. Dorwin Brewer built the chimney and we put in a stove to heat the place. Merritt and I took out the racks and rails from the cow shed and poured concrete to fill in the slop troughs. It wasn't very even, but it was enough floor for us.
    The horse barn had no floor at all so we built one up out of rough pine from Shirley Wallace. It didn't matter that it was almost a foot higher than the old concrete floor. The hay loft got built in for a second story a bit at a time as we needed space for storage and this resulted in quite a number of different ceiling heights.
    We built the Gypsy Camp there over the Winter of '73. We put in a radial saw, a table saw, joiner, planer and a wood lathe. I remembered these tools from High School days and it was a pleasure to be able to have a complete working woodshop again. Whatever things we needed at camp got built at the Old Barn. Shelves, cabinets and doors--mouse bait boxes, too.
    In '88 we set up an "office" for our printing sales in the Cow Barn. Germaine Gonyea worked for us. Later she got a job managing the Aubuchon store in AuSable. The place got a septic tank and a new water line. When we moved to the New Barn the old office was gradually transformed into a place for guests--we weren't sure who. Our kids liked it and it became a hangout. In '93 we put the bathrooms in. Cousins from Connecticutt stayed there. Maybe we could rent it. In '96 we got serious about finishing it up. Louise did the decorating. It rented first in June. Our first Fourpeaks Barn.
    (Want to hear the whole story?)

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for private getaways/nature vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition.
    Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Adventure families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets.
    Are you in this picture?  [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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