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  •  [Click on Photo for More Bloodroot & Trillium Series.]
    Trillium, opening bud, May '97 Trillium, opened blossom, May '97 Trillium, opened blossom, May '97
    [Click on Photo for More Bloodroot & Trillium Series.]
    (L. to R. & T. to B.) Trillium sulcatum, same location as bloodroot. Sugar Camp, May '97.

     Photo Site: Sugar Camp at Fourpeaks (next to last driveway on Stonehouse Road). Bloodroot blooms in moist, sunny spots along the brook and under the apple trees. It's the first wildflower of the Season. Trillium blooming overlaps the bloodroot, and continues longer, especially in shady places. Many trillium, too, in moist shady places along the abandoned portion of Stonehouse Road.
    Exact location? Find [SC] on Fourpeaks Trail Map.
    Photos by M.S. May '97 Nikon F3, 105mm, Fuji 100 (all photos hand held for flower angles). .

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