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    CLICK HERE for George At The Office, 17 photos. CLICK HERE for George greets the guests. CLICK HERE for George on the road. George with Steve at Christmas 2001. CLICK HERE for 3 photos. George with Kelly at the SPCA. CLICK HERE for 10 photos.
    Fourpeaks Resident Canine Host
    Enjoy a pet Friendly Vacation with George, the Fourpeaks
mini-golden. Lucky George, never sick a day in his life, he ran free, hunted small game, hosted Fourpeaks guest's dogs, kept watch on Stonehouse Road. Your Adirondack's Guide loving and faithful companion for 13 years! This page is for Fourpeaks guests, other folks who knew him, and anybody who likes a lucky dog story.
    CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)   The Fourpeaks Resident Canine.   George at home, at work, greeting guests.   George on the road..   George's Story. All about how I got him.   Guest Notes:  "Dear George . . . an appreciative letter from Daisy (dog)."   "It was wonderful . . . to be allowed to run all about your mountains without a leash."   "Max was smiling for the entire time! He loved being off his leash for five days."   "Are you working on those memoirs yet?" (An Email Exchange.)   (On the next page.)  See All 10 Fourpeaks Pet-friendly Vacation Pages. Fun and informative!.  
    George, the playful Mini-Golden, says: "Walk, run, swim and (yes) play with your dog in mountain air at my 700-acre dog friendly wilderness rest and play-ground."
    CLICK HERE for an appreciative letter from Daisy (a pet friendly vacation dog). "The trails here at Fourpeaks are neat for dogs. There's Stonehouse Road for beginners. The trail to The Lookout for something with a view. Gung-Ho outdoor types like Setters and Labs relish the longer walks. The best place for High Peaks views is Rattlesnake Knob. Just follow the Jeep Road to Fisher Ridge Trail and up to the notch at Rattlesnake. It's easy (well, moderate) and fun!" [CLICK HERE for all about our 20 miles of walking trails and 108 (count 'em) beauty spots.]
    "Then there's the AuSable River just a short walk to the bottom of Stonehouse Road. Ideal for us fourlegged creatures. It's shallow with lots of shoals and islands for running around in. You don't have to be a swimmer to enjoy this fresh water fun. Say Go fetch! and I jump right in. But watch out when I come out and shake dry."   (CLICK HERE for what the NY Times says about dog and human swimming in the scenic AuSable River.
    Toby at Ridge View. CLICK HERE for an appreciative letter from Toby (the dog). "And don't miss the quiet Brook Trail that runs downhill behind Gypsy Camp to where the brook meets the old road by Thoreau House. On a warm day there's nothing better than cooling your puppies in the fresh cascading waters there." (CLICK HERE for trail notes to Brook Trail. And CLICK HERE for a swimming map to Brook Trail and the best swimming spots on the nearby AuSable R.)
    "Aside from trails and swimming and all that I just love to sniff out the exciting wilderness stuff all around and run real fast in the open fields with nobody around and no cars and scary stuff like that. When I'm wore out I just take a nap by the fire. I hope you come and let me show you around."

    CLICK HERE for George At Home, 14 photos. George at home. George lives in The Hideout at Camp Barn with Martin, your Adirondack Guide. It's really quiet and woodsy with a big pine grove just outside and fields to run and play in. Inside it's cozy warm in the winter and cool in the summer. George runs and plays outside a lot taking good care of the land around where he lives. When he comes inside he gets a doggy treat every time. He's a fussy eater. (Maybe it's all those treats he gets!) (CLICK HERE for 14 photos of George at The Hideout.)

    CLICK HERE for George At The Office, 17 photos. George at The Office. When he's not outside running and playing, George is at work in The Office at Camp Barn. There he watches out for stuff in the comfortable Morris chair before the fire. He keeps his eye on the chickadees that feed just outside The Office window, climbing up on the HP Office Jet for a closer look at the black and grey winter visitors. He's the first to know about arriving guests. (CLICK HERE for 17 photos of George at Work in The Office at Camp Barn.)

    CLICK HERE for George greets the guests. George greets the guests. A real icebreaker, he gets right out and gives a warm welcome to each and every one. He brings them into The Office offering his own chair for Fourpeaks orientation. Reminders about housekeeping responsibilities, wood fire and propane safety, how to light the gas lights and all about Fourpeaks activities, where to find the trails and beauty spots, river swimming and all. George gets very friendly at such meetings. (CLICK HERE for 17 photos of George greeting the guests.)

    CLICK HERE for The Fourpeaks Resident Canine. The Fourpeaks Resident Canine. George's most important job is to make our doggy guests feel right at home from day one. Sniffing, just being dogs. And serious play. George runs and chases, crouches and leaps. Even the most reserved dogs enjoy the game. Spirited dogs play hard and wrestle. George goes belly up. He's a lover, not a fighter. (CLICK HERE for 28 photos of George with Fourpeaks doggy guests.)

    CLICK HERE for George on the road. George doesn't want to be left home alone. Like most dogs he wants to go along for the ride. Even when it's just down the road to Scotty, our trailer-with-a-phone on Stonehouse Road. But best is a shopping trip to Plattsburgh. The PO, the super, hardware and all the rest. On the way George sits up straight in the passenger seat. Watches the road. Barks at 4-legged critters on the way. When we get there he sits just the same, waiting patiently at each stop.
    When we get to the bank, George gets out to help. George likes the bank. It's the pet-friendliest bank in the Northcountry--The Champlain National Bank. George greets the other customers, chats with the staff, makes a deposit--and gets a treat! (CLICK HERE for 17 photos of George on the road.)

    CLICK HERE for Vets location and contact information. CLICK HERE for Vets location and contact information.  Doggy Care and Boarding.   Need help? See Martin at Camp Barn any time day or night. George's doctor team, Suzanne and Craig Russell, D.V.M.'s, have their full service veterinary hospital in Westport (35 miles) and Plattsburgh (30 miles). Their Plattsburgh Animal Hospital is staffed with 3 vets on 24-hour call. Boarding with indoor runs is available at Westport, and Plattsburgh. (CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Yellow Pages for hours, directions and complete contact information including energency service.

    CLICK HERE for the whole Fourpeaks Story 1968 to the present. George's Story. All about how I got him.
    George with Andrea and the schoolkids. CLICK HERE for 7 photos.George was orphaned at an early age. Homeless, really, he was discovered near the home of Robin P., a Keeseville NY resident in November 2001. Robin told her friend Andrea K., a knowledgable dog person about the pup and asked for her help. Well Andrea drives a school bus for AuSable Valley Central School and so she gets to know quite a few people around town. One of them was Steve L., another Keeseville resident, who Andrea thought might just be looking for a dog like that. Andrea was right. Steve went to Robin's house, found the dog and took him home. He named the dog, George. ( CLICK HERE for 7 photos of George with Andrea, George's godmother, sort of.)

    George with Steve at Christmas 2001. CLICK HERE for 3 photos.George found a nice home at Steve's and became a member of the family right away. Steve took good care of George and had his needs attended to at the Vet. George proved to be very affectionate, really an oversized lapdog. Steve took George for walks in the woods, and George loved to just run and run. George spent a very Merry Christmas at Steve's. (CLICK HERE for 3 photos of George with Steve, George's first Dad plus CLICK HERE for 2 letters that show Steve's concern for George's welfare.)

    George with Kelly at the SPCA. CLICK HERE for 10 photos.Problems came up, sometime around March, when Steve's business got very busy and he found he just couldn't take good care of George. Steve felt bad because George was just cooped up inside all the time and couldn't get out to run and play like a dog should. He contacted Kelly at the SPCA in nearby Peru NY. Kelly said she could find George a real good home. On Tuesday, March 11, Steve brought George to Kelly for adoption. He brought along a 10 cans of Nutricaire Dog Food, so George wouldn't have to change his diet intil he found a new home.

    Just one day later, on Wednesday, March 12, Martin, your Adirondack Guide, decided to drop in at the SPCA. Martin had been living all alone at The Hideout since January 4 and he missed having a dog for company. Maybe there was a nice dog at the SPCA so Martin could have some company. Martin explained to Kelly that it was a new experience living alone and he'd like a dog, preferable a cuddly one. Did she have one for him? (Martin had memories of Albert, the "Singing Schnau," who was Martin's best dog years ago.) First Kelly brought out a Corgie. But the Corgie was too low to the ground for Martin. When he repeated his preference, Kelly's assistance just cried out, "GEORGE!" Well it was love at first sight. Kelly packed up George's dog food and they were off for home at The Hideout.

    To celebrate his official designation "Fourpeaks Resident Canine" (December 2002) George went back to the SPCA to see Kelly again and thank thank thank her. (CLICK HERE for 10 photos of George with Kelly at the SPCA and CLICK HERE for more about Kelly and the Elmore SPCA.)

    CLICK HERE for all about a Fourpeaks pet-friendly vacation with your dog.George, the playful Mini Golden  invites you to His Pet-Friendly Vacation Resort. (CLICK HERE.)Vacation With Your Dog! Walk, Run and Swim in Mountain Air.  Fourpeaks 7 Backcountry camps on 700 acres with 4 mountains make a perfect Pet-friendly vacation in the great outdoors. 20 miles of hiking/skiing trails in meadows and woods with gorgeous views. Dog swimming at Brook Trail and the nearby AuSable--upstate New York's prime scenic river. Kitchens. Fireplaces. Comfort and style in a wilderness setting. CLICK HERE for an index to all 10 Fourpeaks pet-friendly vacation pages.

    'Meet Our Doggy Guests!' (Selected Pages.) CLICK HERE for ALL Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book Pages--A fun way to learn about Fourpeaks backcountry vacations. Meet Our Doggy Guests! The Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book. is a fun way to learn about our Adirondack backcountry vacations. Who came. Where they're from. Where they stayed. The Season. What they did here. Guest Photos Photos, Letters and Guest Book entries. CLICK HERE for our Photo Guest Book (100+ Pages.) or CLICK HERE to Doggy Guests.Meet Our Doggy Guests! (Selected pet-friendly vacation pages.)

    #1103 "Dear Martin and George . . ."
    CLICK HERE for fullsize picture of Daisy (dog) at Ridge. Subject: Re: Your Fourpeaks visit 10/10/03 to Ridge Camp
    Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 21:24:50 EST
    From: BRO***
    Dear Martin and George,
    We all enjoyed our weekend at Ridge Camp! (Oct.10-13) What a beautiful
    weekend! Couldn't ask for better weather. It was such a great experience.
    Some day we would like to return. Here are a few pictures that somewhat
    captured the beauty that weekend.
    Signed, Brian, Eileen, Brett, Erin, Daisy (dog) Ross

    #0265 "It was wonderful . . . to be allowed to run all about your mountains without a leash."
    Toby at Ridge View. CLICK HERE for full size image. Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002
    From: Toby B***** mb***
    To: George
    HI! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had at New Camp. It
    was so wonderful to be away from Society and to be allowed to run all about your
    mountains without a leash. I enjoyed the biscuits that we baked and the cold
    candlelit nights.
    I cant wait to see you again. Toby B***** (the dog)
    More about this. Keep reading.More about this. (Keep reading.)
    Subject: Toby Bis***
    Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002
    From: Your Adirondack Guide
    To: mb***
    George hasn't learned to type yet, but he says Hi!
    (Mark-- Thanks for your email. Please come back! Look for email on that subject. Have you any photos to share?)
    Best wishes, Martin
    More about this. Keep reading.More about this. (Keep reading.)
    Subject: We had a great vacation!
    Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002
    From: Mark B**** mvb***
    We had a great time at New Camp. Here's a photo to prove it. You can add it to your "scrapbook"
    Thanks for everything.
    Mark, Jen and Toby
    #1357 "Max was smiling for the entire time! He loved being off his leash for five days."
    Subject: Guestbook Entry
    Date : 10/1/2001
    Name : Pam, Rich and Max (the dog) G******
    Email : KP***
    Location : New City, NY
    Comments : We had a terrific time during our stay at Gypsy
    Camp -- the sun porch was an awesome place to relax and watch the stars come
    out. The hiking was fabulous, and the views (we especially loved
    Rattlesnake Knob and Ridge View)were spectacular. Max was smiling for the
    entire time! He loved being off his leash for five days. After some hectic
    months, the peaceful quiet and serene tranquility of Fourpeaks were just
    what the doctor ordered!

    "Are you working on those memoirs yet?" (An Email Exchange.)

    Subject: Claire P***** wrote on your Wall...
    From: Facebook
    Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 22:06:52 -0700
    To: Martin Schwalbaum
    Claire wrote on your Wall:
    "Martin--Are you working on those memoirs yet?"
    "Are you working on those memoirs yet?"
    Yes. I figure it's about time.
    I'm collecting it all on my Fourpeaks webpage. You can see what I've done so far.

    Adirondack Poetry at Fourpeaks. I've made a poem or a short prose poem about every memorable event of my life. I think you must have a copy of my "Poems For My Kids," published in '95. If not I'll give you a copy next time you're here.

    A Personal Potpourri. 14 pages, including about me and Irene, me and Becky, the best 2 GF's I ever had, after Louise kicked me out.

    The Fourpeaks Story: 1967 to Today. 40 years of building and fixing my wilderness place. How it all happened.

    A Gentleman's Travel Notes. 10 pages, including the one about my last try to get back with Louise, or at least take her out for dinner, theater, music--whatever.

    How I got George. I still have to write about how he got dognapped by an evil dogcatcher for ransom.

    More pets. Tramp and Floppy, our family pets before the divorce. There's a lot about Albert my fave pet (a mini schnauzer who sang, 14 years, Louise adopted him when Joni kicked him out, how he got dognapped and Louise put an ad in the paper and found him in a flat in Hell's Kitchen) but I have to collect it and write it better. I'm not saying anything about Salt and Pepper, 2 mini schnau bitches we got after Albert. We got rid of Salt, a runaway. Pepper got loose and run over at the Stone House.

    My son Murray, his new wife, Iza, and their chicken, Carmalita. They live in Brooklyn so I don't get to see them a lot. But he helps me with computer stuff and says he'll run the place when I'm dead. She's an artist.

    My daughter Maggie, and our fun vacation together with hippies in SF. She lives in nearby Burlington so I get to see her for hiking and shopping.

    The '98 Ice Storm. How 100-year freeze just snapped the trees above us in the Stone House. Changed the forest foe a long time.

    I'm adding stuff as I get time and inspiration. Murray says I should get a video camera and put it all on YouTube. Iza could help. But I'd rather write about it. Thanks for asking.

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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